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Emergency Dentist in Chino Hills

Get the emergency dental care you need at Chino Hills Family Dentistry

Whether you are suffering from tooth pain or a chipped tooth, we can help. Dr. Douglas Kim or Dr. John Lee will take care of your dental emergency and help eliminate your pain. Call us at (909) 393-5300 if you need to see an emergency dentist in Chino Hills and we will book the earliest appointment available for you.

There are many reasons why patients need an emergency dentist. A dental emergency can happen anytime. Our team at Chino Hills Family Dentistry will try to accommodate your dental emergencies so you won’t have to suffer from oral pain. You should also know how to take care of yourself at home until Dr. Kim or Dr. Lee is able to see you.

Here are some conditions that require immediate attention and what to do at home while waiting for your emergency dentist appointment:

You have a severe toothache that won’t go away even after taking pain medications.

Relieve the pain and discomfort by holding a cold compress outside of your mouth next to the painful tooth.  You can also rinse with warm salt water to kill the bacteria and minimize swelling. An oral numbing gel can also be applied to the affected area.

You chipped your tooth.

Save any pieces of the chipped tooth and rinse it with warm water. Place it in a cup of milk and take it to your dentist’s office. The sooner you receive treatment, the more likely your dentist will be able to reattach the broken piece to your chipped tooth.

You notice dental abscess.

A dental abscess is caused by an infection. It’s important to get treated right away to reduce the chance of the infection spreading. You can manage the pain by rinsing with salt water, applying a cold compress to the affected area.

How can I reach you when I’m having a dental emergency?

You can call our office during business hours at (909) 393-5300 to schedule an appointment. We will work to accommodate you as soon as possible. If you experience a dental emergency after office hours, you can easily book an emergency dental appointment through our website by clicking the button below.

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