Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Chino Hills

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that replace the roots of your missing tooth. The bone of your jaw grows into the threads of the implant which creates a solid connection. Without an implant, the bone where your tooth used to be will shrink and shrivel away.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Here’s why implants are the best way to replace missing teeth:

  • Help maintain your bone structure
  • Closely represent natural teeth
  • Provide firm support of facial features
  • Function most like your own teeth
  • Keep dentures securely in place

What can I expect during a dental implant procedure?

Getting implants takes a lot of time because your mouth needs to heal after each procedure. The entire process can take up to 6 months. But the result is beautiful and natural looking teeth that last a lifetime.

Your dentist will start the process by taking X-rays of your mouth to evaluate your jaw and adjoining teeth. If you lost a tooth due to gum disease or if a lot of time has passed since it was extracted, your jaw bone may be too weak to hold an implant. You may need bone restoration. A graft sterile bone material will be placed onto your jaw to strengthen it. It can take up to 6 months for a new bone to grow around the graft. If no dental issues are found, your dentist will proceed to place the implant. He/she will numb the area and install a titanium bolt deep into your jaw. Then, it will be covered with a temporary crown.

Now the waiting begins. A process called osseointegration has to take place in order for your jaw bone to grow around the implant. It could take 3-6 months for the bolt to be firmly rooted in your jaw like a natural tooth. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and send it to the lab. The impression will be used to make a permanent crown that will be mounted on your implant. Once the area of the implant is completely healed, your dentist will install your crown permanently.

How do I take care of my implants?

Cleaning your dental implants is the same as cleaning your natural teeth. Simply brush, floss, and use a non-alcoholic mouthwash every day. Schedule regular dental exams and cleanings as well.

Get long-lasting implants at Chino Hills Family Dentistry

At Chino Hills Family Dentistry, we believe that quality dental work allows our patients to enjoy their dental implants for many years. That’s why we work with a reliable dental lab that produces implants using quality materials.

We take your comfort seriously. Our dentist can work to lower pain and speed up healing to help you recover quickly after your implant placement.

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