Dental Services in Chino Hills

Chino Hills Family Dentistry offers many general and cosmetic dental treatments for patients of all ages, including children, teens, adults, and elderly. Whatever your needs are, our practice offers comprehensive care, ranging from checkups, fillings, and dental implants.

Our providers are highly-qualified to care for you and your family’s dental needs. They take their time to provide treatment options that will help you in achieving optimal oral health

If you are unsure about what dental treatment you may need, you can give us a call and schedule a consultation with our dentist. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the following services that we offer at Chino Hills Family Dentistry:

General and Family Dentistry

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy requires a combination of good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. Chino Hills Family Dentistry offers preventive general and family dentistry services to maintain your oral health.

Here are general and family dentistry services that we offer:

Dental exams and cleanings

We recommend scheduling dental exams and cleanings every 6 months. Brushing and flossing at home do not guarantee optimal oral health. It’s important to see your dentist regularly so he/she can detect problems early on. Even if you religiously brush your teeth, there are still hard to reach areas that can accumulate plaque and bacteria. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned helps get rid of build up on your teeth.

Kids dentistry

We love seeing kids at our office. Our dentists understand that kids have special needs and they know how to work with children to provide gentle and effective care.

Gum disease treatment

Whether you have gum disease in its early stages (gingivitis) or suffering from advanced gingivitis (periodontitis), our dentist can treat the disease to ease your pain and discomfort. Early gum disease is treatable if you act quickly, so see your dentist right away if you notice signs of gingivitis.

Oral cancer screening

During your dental exam, our dentist will evaluate your oral health to detect cancerous and precancerous conditions. If your dentist finds a mass that could be cancerous, he will perform a test and send it to a lab for analysis.

Children’s Dentistry

We understand how important it is to find a dentist who can take care of your child’s teeth in the years to come. That’s why we provide a warm and friendly environment to make dental visits fun for your kids. Your child’s first visit at our office is very important, and we want to make every visit a good one.

Preparing your child for his/her first trip to the dentist

Your child’s first trip to the dentist should not be a stressful and scary event. Preparing your child for his/her appointment helps make the process run smoothly. You can read books about visiting the dentist or have him/her pretend to be a dentist during playtime. These will give your child an idea of what to expect during his/her checkup. If you think preparing your child won’t be enough, you can bring his/her favorite toy, blanket or any item that will distract your child. Our office is prepared for your child’s visit as well, we know what to do when our little patients start to get antsy.

What to expect during your child’s dental appointment

It’s recommended to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment after several teeth have erupted, usually around 6-12 months. The appointment takes about 30-45 minutes. Our dentist will check your child’s teeth and gums. He/she may also clean your kid’s teeth and apply fluoride to protect the teeth against cavities.

You can also talk to your child’s dentist about any questions you have about your kid’s oral health. Our dentist will gladly answer questions and provide tips on how to properly care for your child’s teeth in between dentist visits.

Taking care of your child’s teeth at home

Practicing good dental hygiene at an early age helps protect your child against serious oral health problems. Below are some helpful tips you can do at home to properly care for your child’s teeth and gums:

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your child’s teeth. Choose a training toothpaste for kids under the age of 2. You can switch to a fluoride toothpaste when your child is old enough to spit the toothpaste after brushing.
  • Help your child brush his/her teeth until the age of 6.
  • Avoid sugary food and snacks that cause tooth decay.
Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhancing the look of your teeth and smile is possible with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Issues like crooked teeth, stained teeth, or misshaped teeth can be fixed with treatments. Here at Chino Hills Family Dentistry, we not only see patients to do extractions and fillings, we also offer cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve your smile.

Below are popular cosmetic dentistry procedures we offer at our office:

Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin slices of porcelain made to fit over the surface of your teeth. These are ideal for treating discolored teeth, closing gaps between teeth, and repairing chips.

Teeth Whitening

Professional bleaching is a common form of teeth whitening. You have the option to do an in-office treatment wherein our dentist will use a bleaching agent to whiten and brighten your smile. Our dentist can also provide you with take-home whitening kits that you can use at home. He will give you directions on how to use the whitening kit.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used to preserve the functionality and enhance the appearance of damaged teeth. These can offer restorative and cosmetic functions. A dental lab uses impressions taken of your tooth to make a porcelain crown that looks like your natural teeth.


If you want straighter teeth without wearing shiny, metal braces, then Invisalign could be a good treatment for you. Invisalign are clear aligners that you snap to your teeth to straighten them gradually. Keep in mind that Invisalign is not for everyone. You need to consult your dentist to see if you can benefit from this treatment.

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